Social Clubs

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Our social clubs are a combination of in-person, over the phone or Zoom group activities where older and younger neighbours meet up, enjoy learning a new skill and share conversations with each other. The clubs take place on weekdays, evenings and weekends and include brilliant activities like quizzes, desert island disc nights, comedy improv sessions, dance classes, cookery demonstrations and singalongs.

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We aim to make our Social Clubs programme as varied and fresh as possible and to ensure that there are clubs that appeal to everyone's interests. We are committed to making sure that all of our programmes, including our social clubs, are welcoming and safe spaces for all of our neighbours, and we're proud to be a part of an exciting, interesting and vibrant city such as Liverpool, which is known for its sense of humour, spirit, and personality. 

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Throughout the year, clubs bring the amazing changing people and places around us – and culture and content from all over the world – to the table for older and younger neighbours to enjoy together.

Want to come along to our social clubs? Please fill in our signup form and someone from our team will be in touch really soon.

Once you are signed up you'll receive our monthly list of events to join, so that you can meet your neighbours and start having fun. And if you have a passion or an interest that you'd like to bring to the table for our various activities, please get in touch with us and Abbie, who runs this programme, will be in touch!!