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Liverpool Cares’ proactive Outreach programme works with our fabulous local partners across Liverpool to identify and invite older and younger neighbours to be part of their community and share time with another generation.

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Throughout the year, Rachael, our Senior Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, can often be found in all sorts of spaces and places across the city, meeting older neighbours by visiting chemists, GP surgeries, pubs, libraries, community centres, and local estates and TRAs. Rachael also works with our community partners who refer older neighbours to Liverpool Cares’ programmes, as well as introducing older neighbours already in our network to services and activities available in their area.

During the pandemic, we have had to adapt our outreach to respond to the many challenges older neighbours in our community continue to face.

We've deepened our relationships with fantastic community partners like GoodGym to organise shopping, medication collection and more. We have also been providing virtual tech support so that our neighbours can access and navigate the online world, and more recently have partnered with National Museums Liverpool’s Connect My Memories tablet loan service. And, during the most difficult months of lockdown, we provided regular check-in calls to make sure our neighbours knew we were there.

How you or your organisation can get involved:

  • Make a referral for anyone aged over 65 living in Liverpool; 
  • Invite us to local events or meetings to talk about our programmes and answer any questions; 
  • Display and share our leaflets and posters, or add Liverpool Cares information to any mail-outs that get sent to your network; 
  • Join our community partner mailing list to stay up-to-date with what we’re up to.

We are always looking for new ways to collaborate and learn from local groups and partners. If that sounds like you, reach out and Rachael will be in touch to find out about what services and activities you are offering and how we can collaborate.

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